Student Support



In order to ensure a caring and disciplined environment at St. Caimin’s the following structures are in place:



  • Class Tutors

  • Year Head

  • Deputy Principal

  • Principal




The Chaplain maintains personal contact with individual students and their parents and organises retreats and liturgies for all class groups.



Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor advises on career choices and assists pupils in making educational, vocational and personal decisions. She supports and helps students who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.




Senior cycle pupils assist incoming first year pupils in their transition from first to second level education.  These mentors help students to find their way in the school, comprehend their timetable and locate lockers and school buses at the end of the school day.



Special Educational Needs

Students with special educational needs are, insofar as is possible, placed in small learning support classes.



Wellbeing Initiatives

The following are iniatives organised within the school to promote student wellbeing:


  • Stand Up Awareness Week 

  • Wellbeing Awareness Week 

  • Friendship Week 

  • An Gardai Siochana – Presentation 

  • on Consent 

  • Mindfullness . B Programme  

  • Personal & Social Development Programme – Clare Youth Service 

  • Manuela Programme – Galway Rape Crisis Centre 

  • Lets Learn about Drugs & Alcohol 

  • Together Programme – HSE 

  • School Clubs. Activities, Games, 

  • Information Stands at Parent Teacher Meetings 

  • Leaving Cert Reflection Day  

  • Active Week 

Ten Tips to Build Resilience and Wellbeing 
  1. Stay Connected – Nurture relationships with friends and family. Accept help from those who care about you.

  2. Have a Sense of Purpose – Do things that bring meaning to your life.

  3. Learn Healthy Habits – You manage stressful situations when you: Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and take time to rest.

  4. Believe in Yourself – Recognise your personal strengths and build on the positives.

  5. Laugh Often – Hold on to your sense of humour. Laughter relieves stress.

  6. Express Your Emotions – Make sure you have an outlet to express emotions.  One Good Adult, meditate, write a journal.

  7. Be Optimistic – A positive, hopeful outlook will make you much more resilient.  Remember you have overcome setbacks in the past.  

  8. Keep Perspective – This too shall pass. There are things you cannot control, focus on what you can control.

  9. Be Imperfect – Accept and work with your flaws and imperfections, everyone has them.

  10. Learn Lessons – Let go of asking “why me” and focus on the positive lessons you can learn from your experience. 


Support Numbers
  • Samaritans 1850 60 90 90

  • LGBT Helpline 01 670 6223 

  • Pieta House 061 484444

  • Childline 1800 666 666 

  • Substance Misuse 086 416 3508

  • Grief Centre Limerick 087 985 1733 

  • BodyWhys 1890 200 444

  • Jigsaw 061 974510 

Helpful Resources