Goodbye Junior Cert by Oisin Breen (LC1)


The Junior Cert for me was a great experience, in all aspects. Throughout the three years, I learned a lot about all the subjects I did and a bit of common sense and more manners! All the teachers are very nice to everyone, as long as you give them the respect they deserve for having to put up with us. They gave us all the help we needed to prepare for our exams and some even stayed back after school to help students. This was above and beyond the call of duty. 


In Caimin’s there are a lot of activities to get a break from the constant work and to have a bit of fun. Some of those activities are the drama club, sport and all the trips we go on. There are also days where first years can go into the sports hall at lunch to play soccer or badminton. There is so much to get involved in and one of the most beneficial things to get involved in is the SVP. All involved help organise collections to give support to those in need. Sport is good in Caimin’s especially in soccer for girls and boys. 

The Junior Cert has prepared me for the Leaving Cert by giving me some experience in exams and studying. I am in TY so I can't yet fully see the difference between junior cert and leaving cert, but I have heard from a few of my friends that it is a change but not in too much of a bad way. This is down to the good foundation we have from our first three year!  


So I think that the junior cert has been very good and a bit of craic! If I was to give any advice to someone it would be: the exams seem a lot scarier before you do them but they are actually grand, as long as you do a bit of work for them.  


(Edited by LO’Brien) 

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