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Our Study Co-Ordinator's Welcome,


At St. Caimin's we feel that it is important to support all curricular activities in the fullest way possible.  To aid teaching and learning in the school we place a strong emphasis on the role of study.  We offer after schools study programmes for all students.  We believe that having this in place can be helpful to students but we also recognise that students also appreciate some of our study skills initiatives also.  Here we endeavour to guide students on strategies that can be employed to structure their study activities.  





Tomás Quealy

Study Co-ordinator


Students are required to exercise due care with their homework for it is a source of helpful preparation for State Examinations.

Homework Journal. The student journal, in addition to being used to record homework, also serves as an important means of communicating between home and school.


The following is what we would recommend for homework/study duration for each year group:

  • First years 1.5 hours

  • Second years 2-2. hours

  • Third years 2.5-3 hours

  • LC1 2.5-3 hours

  • LC2 3-4 hours


Our homework policy can be found at the following link


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