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Wellbeing Initiatives

To access our Wellbeing resource portal please click on the image below.



The following are indicatives organised within the school to promote student wellbeing:


  • Stand Up Awareness Week 

  • Wellbeing Awareness Week 

  • Friendship Week 

  • An Gardai Siochana – Presentation 

  • on Consent 

  • Mindfullness . B Programme  

  • Personal & Social Development Programme – Clare Youth Service 

  • Manuela Programme – Galway Rape Crisis Centre 

  • Lets Learn about Drugs & Alcohol 

  • Together Programme – HSE 

  • School Clubs. Activities, Games, 

  • Information Stands at Parent Teacher Meetings 

  • Leaving Cert Reflection Day  

  • Active Week 

Ten Tips to Build Resilience and Wellbeing 
  1. Stay Connected – Nurture relationships with friends and family. Accept help from those who care about you.

  2. Have a Sense of Purpose – Do things that bring meaning to your life.

  3. Learn Healthy Habits – You manage stressful situations when you: Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and take time to rest.

  4. Believe in Yourself – Recognise your personal strengths and build on the positives.

  5. Laugh Often – Hold on to your sense of humour. Laughter relieves stress.

  6. Express Your Emotions – Make sure you have an outlet to express emotions.  One Good Adult, meditate, write a journal.

  7. Be Optimistic – A positive, hopeful outlook will make you much more resilient.  Remember you have overcome setbacks in the past.  

  8. Keep Perspective – This too shall pass. There are things you cannot control, focus on what you can control.

  9. Be Imperfect – Accept and work with your flaws and imperfections, everyone has them.

  10. Learn Lessons – Let go of asking “why me” and focus on the positive lessons you can learn from your experience. 


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