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Senior Cycle Options 2023 - 2024

Dear Third Year and TY Parents/Guardians,

Following on from the Subject Choice Assembly on Tuesday the 28th of Feb where Senior Cycle Subject Choice was outlined in detail, please see the uploaded Presentation from the night. The Presentation includes an overview of Leaving Cert Subjects and the Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied Programmes.

This Assembly was just part of the Subject Choice Programme and all Third Year classes are also undertaking a series of Subject Choice Classes with the Guidance Counsellor Ms. Fitzpatrick covering topics such as researching subjects and courses on the following link

and researching Minimum Subject Requirements on: 

so students can check to see what courses require specific subjects eg. a third language, a lab science etc.

All Third Years will meet Ms.Fitzpatrick individually to receive their CAT4 Report.  These meetings will be starting next week and if a student misses their appointment without notifying Ms.Fitzpatrick there will not be time to reschedule.

Subject Choice selection is due Thursday the 23rd of March so it is vital all Third Years and TYs give this their time and attention over the next few weeks.

The Subject Choice Form must be completed through VSWare and all parents/guardians will receive a link for this app from the school. Please contact the school if you have not received this link.

We ask for your full support to encourage your son/daughter to engage with the Subject Choice Process and to avail of the many resources online to ensure they make the right choices at this critical point in their education.

If you or your son/daughter have any queries regarding Subject Choice over the next few weeks please email Ms.Fitzpatrick on or Mr.Quealy on if you require any further information on TY or LCA.

Kind regards,

Ms. Hannah Fitzpatrick

Guidance Counsellor

1st Year Option Choice 2022 - 2023

Along with many new things 1st years have been busy experiencing 7 different option subjects from which they will be studying two over the next three years. It is important that they carefully consider their option choices.


Their first and second choices can not be guaranteed so careful consideration should be given to choices three and four. All efforts will be made not to give students their sixth and seventh choices.


Not selecting seven different subjects may result in a student being given a completely undesired subject.


Please complete this form by 6 p.m. Thursday 29th September 

Additional information on these 7 subjects maybe found in the NCCA link below.


The option subjects are:

Art (VS), Music (Mu), Business Studies (BS), Home Economics (HE).

Graphics (GR),Wood Technology (WT), Engineering (En)

More information on these subjects are available at the following link

Guidance Newsletter November 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians of LC2 students,


Thank you to those that attended the recent CAO Information Evening on Monday November 7th. We had a fantastic turnout.

The CAO campaign for 2023 applicants is now underway having opened on November 4th. Students are strongly advised to register with the CAO early & avail of the discounted rate of €30. Please note, that students need a CAO account to apply for HEAR & DARE.

​Please familiarise yourselves with all aspects of the CAO on Ensure you are aware of some extremely important deadlines and entry procedures. CAO accounts become dormant on February 1st 2023 & will only reopen on May 5th 2023. Final choices must be submitted by July 1st 2023. Please note that courses that are “restricted” must be applied for by February 1st. A list of restricted courses may be generated using  search engine facility.

CAO and other applications such as apprenticeships/Earn While You Learn programmes, SUSI, HEAR & DARE and PLC’s are the responsibility of the applicant.  It is important parents/guardians support their sons/daughters with this process to avoid mistakes which can result in missed offers and other disasters.

Please also note links to:


These links contain a lot of valuable information.


As also mentioned at the Information Evening, the CAO Handbook is only available online this year. This booklet contains all important information regarding CAO application process and includes a list of all courses offered in all HEI’s: we have approximately 1700 courses across 44 Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s). A link to a PDF version & details regarding personalisation of the booklet is also available. Finally, the CAO has an app that students can download & use.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at any time. Wishing your son/daughter all the best with their future endeavours.


Kind regards,

Ms Fiona Christie

Guidance Counsellor

To access our Apprenticeship resource portal please click on the image below.


Guidance Newsletter Nov 2021



Hi Parents and Guardians of LC2 students,

Please see uploaded a copy of the ‘CAO and Other Options Powerpoint’ that was presented live last Tuesday the 16th November. Please have a look through this Presentation to ensure you are aware of some extremely important deadlines and procedures. As highlighted on the night, CAO and other applications such as Apprenticeships and PLCs are the responsibility of the applicant and as a parent/guardian it is imperative you support your son/daughter with this process to avoid mistakes that can result in missed offers and other disasters!

Please also note links to,, The Midwest Apprenticeship App (local apprenticeship info), (grant information), (HEAR and DARE Information) and an Events Calendar (uptodate information on upcoming college events and information sessions). These links contain a lot of valuable information. I have also uploaded a CAO FAQ to highlight the most common questions asked at the CAO Offer Time – this is worth having a look at to avoid making these very common mistakes with CAO Applications.

As also mentioned at the Information Evening the CAO Book is only available online this year. This Booklet contains all important information regarding CAO application process and also includes a list of all courses offered in all HEI’s. A link to a PDF version of the booklet is also available.


I will be on leave from the week of 29th of November so please send any Guidance-related queries to after this date.


Wishing your son/daughter all the best with their future plans,


Kind regards,

Ms.Hannah Fitzpatrick

Guidance Counsellor

Results Information September 2021



Hi Class of 2021!

As you know Leaving Cert Results Day is this Friday the 3rd of September.  Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID situation results will be available ONLINE on the Candidate Self Portal or in school by appointment only.  


You will need your Exam Number, Student Portal Password and PPS number so have those organised!  I know there is a huge amount of hype in the media at the moment but try and ignore that and just wait and see what awaits you when you log in on Friday morning from 10am! 


I’m sure many of you will be pleasantly surprised 😊 Ms. Fitzpatrick, Ms.Guinnane and members of management will be available on Friday the 3rd to talk to anyone who needs some support or if feeling stressed or worried about your results.

CAO Round One Offers are out Tuesday the 7th @ 2pm.  You can log into your CAO account to access your offers. 


Ms. Fitzpatrick will be available to discuss any queries you have about your CAO offers– just email directly on or phone the school and we can make an appointment.

I have attached a link to an excellent podcast from Leaving Cert Guidance called Leaving Cert 2021-What Next? This should help answer any queries you or your parents have about what will be happening with your LC Results and CAO offers over the next few weeks. 

Please also have a look through the documents on the website on CAO Offers Information and the FAQs at CAO Offers.  These should also help clarify any questions you have at the moment but if they do not please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.  We are still here to help and support you as you begin this new and exciting chapter in your life.


Wishing you all the very best of luck 😊


Ms. Hannah Fitzpatrick

Guidance Counsellor


The Guidance Counsellor advises on career choices and assists pupils in making educational, vocational and personal decisions. She supports and helps students who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.  


Students and parents are free and welcome to come and visit the guidance counsellor. An appointment system is the best operational mode in this way. Alternatively, a phone call from parents over a concern can be accommodated quickly. Also, as part of overall school information dissemination e.g. school notices, parent-teacher meetings, open nights, enrolment days etc. information regarding guidance and counselling is made available as required.


Ms. Fitzpatrick can be emailed directly at

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